Manual Lymphatic Drainage Class–Clearwater, Florida

Joellie is a great communicator; very thorough.

Very good instructor!  Loved Joellie!

Mrs. Gonseth was a very good instructor!

Joellie was super informative; she knew her stuff.   Super helpful.

Joellie was very hands on.  Great explanations.

Very patient instructor.

Well done!

Knowledgeable instructor.

Joellie is very informative and down to earth.

Instructor did a good job; kept my interest and was very informative.

highly educated and trained

The team at Kinesiology Institute are highly educated and trained with the experience to give you the treatment needed. Joellie has 25 years experience in medical massage and kinesiology. Bruce has over 7 years of massage, energy work, specializing in deep tissue work. He is also a Reiki Master and teaches students in the art of Reiki.